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eFlash! 1997-05

eFlash! — May 1997

Presenting the new CEC board of directors:

Darren Copeland (President) is an electroacoustic composer whose phonograms for the media of Acousmatic Tape, Theatre, Dance, and Radio explore the imagistic properties of environmental sounds. His principle teachers have included Barry Truax, Martin Bartlett and Jonty Harrison.

His acousmatic compositions have received mentions from the Vancouver Young Composers Competition and the Luigi Russolo International Competition for Electroacoustic Music by Young Composers. They have also appeared on compilations produced by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, Asphoedel, and Nonsequitur.

Darren's previous administrative experience goes back to Vancouver between 1990 and 1994 with Vancouver Pro Musica (concert production), Standing Wave (chamber ensemble), and Wireless Graffiti (radio production).

David Lindsay (VP) is a composer, musician, graphic artist and new media designer living in Toronto. He is a founding member of the CEC.

"I would like to bring my knowledge and experience in new media to the CEC, particularly internet web graphic and audio design. The tools we use as electroacoustic composers and performers are rapidly changing. I'd like to undertake the task of strengthening the line of communication between our community and the commercial computer music manufacturing community to further explore areas of resource availability."

Kevin Austin (Secretary) is a Charter and Founding Member of the CEC and has acted as the Secretary to the CEC from 1986-87 and 1993 to the present . Active in ea for more than 25 years, he teaches at Concordia University in Montreal.

Jean Routhier (Treasurer) is an interdisciplinary artist, soundman and recordist. His works range in styles and purposes from the anecdotical to the conceptual. While working on his "North American soundscape" project he paused in Vancouver, and decided to reside there.

Al Mattes (Member at large) is a botanist working in the area of phytoremediation, a multidisciplinary science that uses plants to remediate contaminated sites. In a former life definition he was a musician, founder/director of the CCMC Music Gallery, arts consultant and fund- raiser, producer of various events including numerous festivals of live EA music and the CEC radio festival. A founding member of the CEC he has served on the board as Treasurer, President and now member at large.

Andra McCartney (Member at large) is a soundscape artist who creates multimedia works, audio postcards, radio art, and works for dance. Andra co-hosts "Temporary Nice Place" on CIUT Toronto 89.5 with Neil Wiernik, a weekly radio show on soundscape composition and radio art. She is completing a PhD in Music at York University in Toronto, writing about Vancouver soundscape composer Hildegard Westerkamp.

Steven Naylor (Member at large) currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He composes and performs music for film, television and concert situations, using a wide variety of sonic materials and tools, electronic and acoustic. A current fixation is digital processing of acoustic instruments. The quest for these instruments also provides a great excuse for travel. Naylor is a member of the Upstream Ensemble, and teaches EA part-time at Dalhousie University (which interferes seriously with his travel).

The coming Annual General Meeting of the CEC Membership (revisited).

In the past, the CEC AGM has been held in May or June, usually in Montreal. As the CEC is moving into potentially difficult waters the CEC Board would like as great a number of members to attend the meeting as is possible. If you have suggestions as to better places and dates to hold the meeting, please send them to Ian at cec@cec.interax.net.

The CEC's fiscal year ends May 31, 1997, as does the membership. Therefore membership dues for the 97-98 season are due. The dues are as follows:

Permanent Member $60
Associate Member $30
Institutional Member $60

The additional $15 fee for international members has been eliminated.

Other stuff

PRESENCE, the latest double cd package by the CEC's production arm is due any day now. All CEC members will be sent a complimentary copy.

DISContact! II is being re-issued.

Contact! 10.2 is out and available on the web. Featuring articles and reviews by Kevin Austin, Darren Copeland, Martin Alejandro Fumarola, Thomas Gerwin, Martin Gotfrit, Frank Koustrup, alcides lanza and Jean Routhier.

This edition of Contact! is also the next step for the CEC into presenting audio on the net. Listen for Ned Bouhalassa's super short clip, via Shockwave, on the editorial page.

The CEC Radio project is applying to the Canadian Human Resources and Development cultural wing for a grant to facilitate the CEC's getting electroacoustic pieces 'out there', heard, and talked about. Look for future developments in the What's New section of the CEC's web site.

© CEC 1997, 98, 99

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