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Contact! 10.2

Spring 1997

Contact! on the Web
Editorial by Ian Chuprun

In Review:
- Polyphonie-polychromie by Patrick Ascione
- Raw Sangudo by Allison Cameron
- Lattice by Jerry Hunt
- Experimental Music from Denmark
- Secret Geometry
- CD Distributors

Ten Questions For A Listener
prepared by Darren Copeland

"What Are You Talking About?" by Bentley Jarvis
Notes and Comments by Kevin Austin

Latin-American Update
by Martin Alejandro Fumarola

On acoustic ecology and integral art: Outlining a concept of today's music
by Thomas Gerwin

Zen and the Art of Audio: A Primer
by Martin Gotfrit

Ian Chuprun

Proofreading and Translation
Yves Charuest

© CEC 1997

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