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Spring 1997

In Review

Raw Sangudo
Allison Cameron

A CD review by Jean Routhier

The five works featured unfold in a high intensity monograph.

Cameron uses a reductive approach to create an emotionally broad ranging music.

Genuine in her composition, the structures show a formal evolution, but as if mice had snacked through the score, leaving only key notes/sections for the listeners to leap from and to.

Shifting focuses, the works range from lively and disorienting to stark and eerie; as they are scanned through a light revealing only the essential.

The instrumentation encompasses wind and string instruments, as well as electric piano, synthesizer and percussion. The featured performing ensembles are: ARRAYMUSIC, Les Coucous Bénévoles and Sound Pressure.

This CD is available from the XI label (experimental intermedia foundation)

- Jean Routhier

© CEC 1997

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