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Electroacoustic Seminars

Professional Production in Electroacoustics

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> Information for the Host Institutions and persons participating in the seminars


October 17 – November 3, 2007

The Canadian Electroacoustic Community is pleased to announce that with the support of the SOCAN Foundation, Sennheiser Canada and the Canadian Music Centre, it is coordinating eight seminars across Canada in Fall 2007. Mastering Engineer Dominique Bassal and Acoustician Jean-Luc Louradour will describe and demonstrate concrete solutions to problems of sound quality, exportation and monitoring situations typical to the production and mastering of electroacoustic works.

Although the sessions are geared toward electroacousticians, they are also relevant to people working in recording technologies  and communications. Other students, composers and the general public are invited to sit in and observe the proceedings.

A concert featuring mostly Canadian electroacoustic works mastered by Bassal (in 5.1) in recent years will close off each seminar.

Entrance to all events is free, but it is best to reserve in advance, as there may be some seating limitations. See the individual dates below for addresses and contact info.


This specialised educational project is designed to increase awareness about the importance of various aspects of production in electroacoustics, and to provide information and resources to students which will assist them in better preparing and disseminating their work in the professional milieu.

Seminar-Workshop Dates

The dates are from October 17 – November 3, 2007. The sessions are given in English, unless otherwise noted. Click on the Host Institutions for individual addresses and contacts.
October 17
Concordia University | Programme
Université de Montréal (en français) | Programme
McGill University | Programme
University of Calgary | Programme
The Banff Centre, Audio Programme | Programme
University of Manitoba | Programme
November 01
Ontario College of Art and Design | Programme
Dalhousie University, with Acadia University | Programme

Session Schedule

An overview of the Seminars follows; a more detailed breakdown and schedule for the indivual sessions can be found here: [F / E].

Session 1: General Problems, Monitoring and Exportability Demonstration and listening session addressing some common issues in the electroacoustic milieu: questions of sound quality, exportation, deficient monitoring situations, etc.
Session 2: Mixing Process Analysis of sound sources, and the results of stacking and mixing varied sound materials to discuss the limitations (and potential!) of typical studio or recording techniques.
Session 3: Qualitative Analysis Workshop Qualitative analysis of pre-selected audio materials (in stems): practical steps on individual stems and on the mix, incorporating concepts presented during the earlier sessions.
Concert Mostly Canadian works recently-mastered (in 5.1) by Bassal. !! Note early concert start !!


Concordia Seminar
Jean-Luc Louradour (left) and Dominique Bassal (right) at the Concordia University Seminar, October 17th, 2007.

Production Team

Mastering Engineer — Dominique Bassal
Acoustician — Jean-Luc Louradour
Project Manager — jef chippewa
Production and Web Administration — Yves Gigon

Traduction Française | French Translation — Dominique Bassal
Traduction Anglaise | English Translation — jef chippewa
Consultation — Productions electro Productions (PeP)


This project is possible thanks to the Government of Canada through the Creators’ Assistance Component of the Canada Music Fund, administered by the SOCAN Foundation. The CEC also thanks Sennheiser Canada for their generous loan of equipment for the project, and the Canadian Music Centre for outreach and promotional assistance.

Host and Participating Institutions

Concordia University Université de Montréal McGil University University of Calgary Banff Centre University of Manitoba Ontario College of Art and Design Dalhousie University Mount Allison University


Canada Fondation SOCAN Foundation Studio Inverse Adgil Design Sennheiser CMC

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