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Electroacoustic Seminars


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Session Schedule

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The basic structure of each Seminar-Workshop is as follows. Presentation of the Sessions is shared by Bassal and Louradour.

09:00–12:00 Session 1: General Problems, Monitoring and Exportability

09:00 Demonstration, using audio examples, of the degree to which the electroacoustic milieu is behind the pop industry, in terms of the level of sound quality.

Presentation of the goal of the Seminar-Workshop, which is to systematically explore each contributing factor to this lag and to propose steps which may be taken to narrow the gap:

  • quality control of source materials;
  • stacking layers of sound / materials;
  • mixing;
  • monitoring and exporting;
  • mastering.
10:00 Examination of the problem of exportation: analysis of deficient monitoring situations and demonstrations of the diminished quality resulting from such deficiencies.
11:00 Analysis of primary sound sources using audio examples; the participants will acquaint themselves with the concept of a robust and full-bodied sound.

12:00–13:00 Lunch Break

In Montréal (Concordia University), Toronto and Halifax, a light lunch and refreshments will be provided to the participants courtesy of the Canadian Music Centre (details to follow).

13:00–15:15 Session 2: Mixing Process

13:00 Analysis of the process of stacking layers of sound / materials using audio examples; the participants will come to understand the textural limitations inherent to the use of deficient source materials.
13:45 Analysis of the process of mixing using audio examples; the participants will come to understand the limits of corrective equalization / compression.
14:15 Presentation and aural comparison of contemporary formats of delivery and diffusion of electroacoustics: CD-Audio, DVD-A / DVD-V, stems, mastering and mixtering (explained in preparatory reading materials).

15:30–16:45 Session 3: Qualitative Analysis Workshop

15:30 Qualitative analysis of pre-selected materials provided as “stems”: practical application of the concepts explored throughout the day, on the separate tracks as well as in a mixing environment.

16:45–17:30 Question Period

17:30–19:30 Dinner Pause

19:30–21:00 Concert

!! Note early concert start !!

The closing concert will feature works which Bassal has mastered in the past five years. The works are mostly in the empreintes DIGITALes catalogue, and are predominantly works by Canadian composers. The same 5.1 set-up as used in the sessions will be used, providing an optimal listening situation for the works on the programme.

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