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Electroacoustic Seminars


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Dominique Bassal — Engineer

Bassal is recognized in the international electroacoustic community for his passionate advocacy of mastering in electroacoustics: his 70-page document, Mastering in Electroacoustics (in French and in English, published in eContact! 6.3 “Issues in Electroacoustics” and on the MacMusic website) is without parallel in the field. Bassal is the owner of Studio Inverse (Montréal), one of a very small number of studios in the world specializing in mastering electroacoustic work, and since 2003 is the Mastering Engineer for Montréal’s electroacoustic label, empreintes DIGITALes, alone responsible for the mastering (in 5.1 and surround) of most of their new CD and DVD releases. He recently restored works dating from the 1970s for this label by composers Marcelle Deschênes and Bernard Bonnier.

Seminars concerning Bassal’s research have been presented at conferences in Montreal (Harvest Moon symposium 2004, 2005 and 2006, Concordia University; Société des arts technologiques, November 2005), and in London (January 2004, City University). Bassal has also collaborated on the production of educational materials for Distance Learning at the CEGEP level.

Jean-Luc Louradour — Acoustician

Jean-Luc Louradour has been designing studios since 1986, shortly before he co-founded Résonance TJL with Tim Hewlings. Louradour was experimenting with monitoring systems while working at Studio Morin Heights and at Studios de Son Québec, where he met Tim. The company specializes in architectural acoustic design, audio system design, acoustic evaluation and feasibility studies and room acoustic measurements and evaluations. Résonance was among the first acoustic consulting firms to adopt computerized measurement and design technologies. The backgrounds of the co-founders brings technical and architectural perspectives to their projects, as well as that of the performing musician. A large number of specialized sound and recording studios in and around Montréal have been designed or are maintained by Résonance.

In 1996, Louradour co-founded Adgil Design, which continues his work with Résonance, but now also includes the manufacturing of highly specialized professional audio equipment and monitoring systems, to assist studio operation and equipment integration.

Louradour is the President of the Association of Professional in Audio (ASPRAUDIO). He holds an degree in Engineering from the École technique supérieur (Le Locle, Switzerland). In Spring 2004, he co-authored the article “État technique des salles de cinéma”, written for ASPRAUDIO and supported by a number of Québec-based cultural organizations.

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