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eFlash! 2024-04

A Few Words from the CEC Vice-President

Canadian Electroacoustic Community
A sound network.

Bonjour-Hi, Carey Dodge here, the Vice-President of the Board of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community.

JTTP 2023 — Concert and Residencies. The CEC recently had an excellent time at Sound Days in Latvia with some of our JTTP 2023 winners, Shawn Pinchbeck (CEC Treasurer) and jef chippewa (CEC Admin) in attendance. It was a very successful journey with lots of music, sharing and learning. We are also looking forward to some more international residencies for JTTP this year thanks to partnerships in Mexico and Germany:

JTTP 2024 — 25th Jeu de temps / Times Play. Spring, as always, means that it is the time to send out our call for works from young and/or emerging electroacoustic artists from or living in Canada. For the 25th edition of the project, we are happy to announce the addition of three new thematic awards, named after one of Canada’s pioneering composers and the CEC’s two Administrative co-Directors. We now have a total of seven thematic awards thanks to the generosity of Kevin Austin, who initiated and supports the awards.

Nominations to the CEC’s Board of Directors. We would love to have some new folk on the CEC Board, and welcome members of all ages and backgrounds based across Canada or internationally. We meet online so participation can be from anywhere. Nominations should be submitted by 25 May [the deadline has been extended to 11 June exceptionally in 2024]. You can nominate yourself or someone else using the dedicated online form.

CEC Vice-President Carey Dodge at Boca del Lupo in Vancouver in 2024. [Click image to enlarge]

Nomination of a New CEC Patron. On behalf of the Board, I wish to thank Al Mattes for many fruitful years of service. His sharp observations and passionate support of the wider electroacoustic community has been greatly appreciated. Nominations for a new Patron can be submitted through 3 June, please send your recommendations to jef chippewa2[2. Consult the CEC’s Bylaws and list of CEC members for more information.]

I hope all are able to get out there and listen like Max Neuhaus in Times Square as the days grow longer and warmer.

Sonically ours,
Carey Dodge
Vice-President of the CEC
30 April 2024

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