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Board of Directors Nomination Form


I, , wish to become a candidate for the May 31 Elections for a position of Director on the Board of Directors of the CEC (two year mandate from June 1 to May 31 ). This form, received at the latest on May 15th, will be automatically cosigned by two members of the present Board of Directors (By-law 4.4 of the CEC Charter). The Board shall designate elected members to specific positions. Please include a short paragraph outlining the objectives of your candidacy as well as a brief biographical note (200 words maximum).

Objectives of your candidacy:

Biographical note:


The form was submitted successfully. Thank you.


CEC – https://cec.sonus.ca
Bylaws – https://cec.sonus.ca/bylaws/
Board of Directors – https://cec.sonus.ca/members/CA.html

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