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eFlash! 2015-12

A Few Words From the President

Happy holidays and thank you once again for your continuing support and important contribution to making a lively, innovative and diverse electroacoustic community. I am writing to provide an update on the current state of CEC.

First, I wish to thank Laurie Radford for his 15 years of service on the Board of Directors, including service as Treasurer and Vice President. Laurie’s experience and wisdom has had a calming, balancing effect on board matters throughout the years. Thank you Laurie!

I would like to welcome Joseph Hyde as the newest CEC board member. Joseph brings many years of experience in EA art making, curating and administration, as well as innovative thinking, passion and a strong focus on videomusic [1]1 . See, for example, Joseph Hyde’s “Editorial” and his “Slow conversation on sound and moving image” with Jean Piché in last year’s Videomusic issue, as well as his article in the upcoming eContact! issue on “Analogue and Modular Synthesis: Resurgence and evolution.”. I feel honoured to continue my service alongside Joseph and the other board members Emilie LeBel (Member-at-Large), Shawn Pinchbeck (Treasurer), Jean Routhier (Secretary) and Carey Dodge (Vice President).

I would also like to extend my deep thanks to the CEC’s expert administrators jef chippewa and Yves Gigon, and to our primary funders the SOCAN Foundation and the Canada Council for the Arts, for maintaining the CEC’s health and steady growth. I am happy to report a recent significant increase in operational funds from SOCAN Foundation, which will greatly assist the CEC in its committed service to its members, by allowing us to increase work hours on eContact! publication and to continue optimizing its website interface.

We also wish to thank you for your membership fees, which are crucial for supporting on-going administrative work and maintenance. You may have received a recent reminder from jef about membership dues for the 2015–16 fiscal year. If so, please contact him soon to make sure your account is in good standing.

Finally, I would like to let you know a bit about some of our current activities.

At the present, we are completing work on two themed eContact! issues: 17.2 — Hugh Le Caine and 17.4 — Analogue and Modular Synthesis: Resurgence and evolution, the latter with Guest Editor Richard Scott. Check in to the CEC website and Facebook page for updates on new issues as well as for calls for contributions to future issues.

Now in its 17th edition, the CEC’s annual Jeu de temps / Times Play (JTTP) competition for emerging electroacoustic composers and sound artists from / living in Canada continues to encourage, promote and support new Canadian EA, and share it with the international EA community through incorporating a large international jury, and through publication, broadcast and online hosting of the winning pieces. The next deadline is May 1, 2016.

I am very excited to announce that Cache 2012, Cache 2013 and Cache 2014 are printed and will be made public shortly. Copies of the CDs will be sent out to CEC members and JTTP jury members before the end of the month.

With my warmest wishes for the holidays,

Eldad Tsabary
President of the CEC board
23 December 2015

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