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eFlash! 2013-10

2013 AGM — Annual General Meeting /
AGA 2013 — Assemblée générale annuelle

Saturday, 17 August 2013, 17h00–18h00
NAISA Space: 601 Christie Street #252, Toronto
By tram: 512 — St. Clair Ave. W. at Christie St. Farside
By bus: 126 — Christie St. at Benson Ave.

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President’s Report / Rapport du président

2012–13 was another solid year for the CEC. Following several years featuring special projects, including the CEC 25th anniversary celebrations and CAP project, in 2012–13 we were able to focus on our core, on-going projects, such as eContact! and JTTP.


I would like to thank the CEC team, and co-administrators jef and Yves in particular, for their work on pulling together four complete issues of eContact! since our last AGM. The four issues covered:

The next issue (15.3) will document the CEC’s 25th anniversary tour, with an enormous amount of audio, video and interviews collected during the tour, from across the country. Issue 15.4 is also in the works, focusing on the increasingly established field of videomusic. eContact! continues to make a special contribution to covering topics not well represented elsewhere — consider the following list of themes from recent issues, for example: Open Source (11.3), Keyboard + Live Electronics (13.2), Biotechnological Performance Practice (14.2) and Turntablism (14.3).

All issues are available freely online, i.e., open access. eContact! continues to be an important resource for students, educators and working artists alike.

JTTP 2013 — Jeu de temps / Times Play

Congratulations to all the participants in this year’s JTTP. While the results will officially be made public at the release event on CKUT’s “Where’s the Beat?” (host: Eliot Handelman) I am pleased to be able to share the top-placing pieces with you here at the AGM. The wide international jury selected these works as the top-placing works in the project:

  1. James O’Callaghan — Objects-Interiors (2013 / 10:13)
  2. Xavier Bourassa — Catachresis (2013 / 7:59)
  3. Guillaume Cliche — Métal miette (2012 / 9:14)
  4. Guillaume Côté — Il n’y a que blanc / Only white (2013 / 8:51)
  5. Cédric Camier — Paf Gravitas (2012 / 8:00)

eContact! 16.1 (scheduled for September 2013) will feature the work of all JTTP participants, including audio, biographies and programme notes.


Our funding is stable. Many thanks to our major funders, the SOCAN Foundation and the Canada Council, as well as to the almost 200-strong CEC members whose annual dues help keep everything going. This year we have decided to make a one-time adjustment to the way the CEC’s finances are calculated, but there will be more about this issue in the Treasurer’s Report.

Other / Closing

After seven years on the Board of the CEC, and five as the longest running President, I am stepping down. I have two “five-year rules” that I often share with students: one is to know that whatever you predict you’ll be doing five years from now will be wrong — the other is not to occupy a given leadership role for more than five years when there are new and different voices available for that role.

Our community is full of such new and different voices! I would like to welcome Emilie LeBel as the newest member of the CEC Board of Directors. No doubt many of you will already know Emilie from her compositions, performances, residencies, etc., as well as from her direction for the past few years of the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium.

I would also like to wish the CEC’s new president Eldad Tsabary all the best — the board could not find itself in better hands, as all of you who have worked with Eldad will already know. While I am leaving the board, I promise my continuing support for both the mandate and the organisation of the CEC. One form that this will take is participating in the newly formed CEC Council — and I hope many of you will also choose to serve a two-year term on this body that will advise, assist and help connect the board to the full diversity of electroacoustic activity across Canada and internationally.

Finally, I would like to offer my profound thanks to jef and Yves, the CEC’s co-administrators, for their tireless work on our behalf, as well as to all my fellow board members. It has been a pleasure to work with you all over the past seven years! Equally profound thanks to the CEC’s “architects”, Kevin Austin and Jean-François Denis, both for the prescience of the structures they helped to put in place 27 years ago, and for the wisdom and stewardship they continue to offer to the community.

In closing: how about a round of applause for the CEC’s 2013–14 board? [Years indicate current terms]

Yours truly,
David Ogborn

(Outgoing) President of the CEC Board
Toronto, Saturday, 17 August 2013

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