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eFlash! 2013-10

2013 AGM — Annual General Meeting /
AGA 2013 — Assemblée générale annuelle

Saturday, 17 August 2013, 17h00–18h00
NAISA Space: 601 Christie Street #252, Toronto
By tram: 512 — St. Clair Ave. W. at Christie St. Farside
By bus: 126 — Christie St. at Benson Ave.

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Treasurer’s Report / Rapport du trésorier

Institutional Income Sources

The Canada Council for the Arts (CCA) Writing & Publishing section has for the fourth consecutive year increased the funding for eContact! by 15%. Support for issues 16.1–16.4 (2013–14) is now at $22 000, double what it was a decade ago. The jury had very positive feedback regarding the quality of the journal.

Support from the SOCAN Foundation continues, through their Core Funding programme. These monies are spread across various projects and administrative tasks as needed. Support is currently at $9000 per year.

Other Income Sources

As has been the case for many years, Jeu de temps / Times Play (JTTP) prize packages (around $3500 this year) are built entirely from donations: individuals offer cash donations for the prize money, while CDs, books, magazines, etc. are donated by Canadian and international institutions. For helping make this project the success it is today, the CEC would like to thank the many supporters of JTTP, and extend special thanks to such long-term Project Partners as empreintes DIGITALes, Musicworks, NAISA, CMC Centrediscs and Cambridge Street Records.


Membership dues also support the various activities of the CEC, which as a whole aim to support the larger EA community in Canada and internationally. The CEC enjoys great respect both nationally and internationally as an inclusive national association with policies for the support of young and emerging sound artists / composers / performers and of gender equality. Individual projects undertaken by the CEC may periodically focus on one or another “strand” within the broader definition of EA, but the larger perspective reflects support of a broad range of “stylistic tendencies” — from acousmatic and computer music to soundscape and sonic art to hardware hacking and beyond!

The CEC’s membership is a diverse mixture of individuals, groups, organisations and institutions from across Canada and from around the world. Encourage your colleagues, friends, arts-oriented aunt and uncle, to become members. New members who contact the CEC Admin mentioning “TES 2013” will receive a free copy of Cache, the CD series promoting works from JTTP selected by an international jury for the CD publication. Visit the membership page for more information on becoming a member, or email the CEC administration.

Financial Statement (États financiers)

Page two (2) of the 2012–13 Financial Statement is very close to the perfect reflection of the base CEC financials in a normal year (i.e., with no special projects like the 25th Anniversary Tour or the Concordia Archival Project). The largest financial contribution comes from the Canada Council (largely for eContact!), followed by the SOCAN Foundation (Core Funding) and membership fees. In terms of expenses, the main entries concern the administration of the CEC and “Professional Fees” (contracted work such as Guest Editors, translation and the CEC’s accountant), production costs (this year for the pressing and distribution of Cache 2010 and 2011), soft- and hardware, and communications (telephone, internet, etc.).

Total revenues ($35 385) minus total expenses ($34 081) leave a surplus of $1304 for the 2012–13 fiscal year.

Note that in the 2012–13 Financial Statement, a one-time modification was applied in order to correct an ongoing practice of declaring monies for the following year in the end-of-year Financial Statement. The adjustment is $19 100 — the amount of the 2012–13 grant that was declared in the 2011–12 Financial Statement. This practice arose due to the shift in the publication schedule (which is now aligned with the CEC’s fiscal year) as eContact! grew in size. The revenue for eContact! is now properly in synch with the statements. I am very pleased that the CEC administration caught and corrected this accounting irregularity. This will allow the CEC to move forward with a clear and accurate record of the budget, better informing our financial decisions.

Page one (1) shows an overview of the 2012–13 year and the CEC’s financial situation as of 31 May 2013. Total cash available ($15 526 total in two accounts, with no outstanding revenues) minus accounts due ($10 485 allocated for translation, publicity and Cache CD pressing and distribution but not yet spent) gives a Net Asset of $5041.

The CEC’s financial situation as we start the 2013–14 fiscal year is explained in the Annex found on page three (3): Net Assets plus a guaranteed SOCAN Foundation Core Funding plus the grant awarded just recently by the Canada Council for the next volume of four issues of eContact! leave the CEC with a “working balance” of $31 541.


Thanks to attentive work of the CEC’s administrators Yves Gigon and jef chippewa, the financial situation of the CEC remains very healthy, and its projects are maintained very efficiently.

Signed, Carey Dodge, Treasurer of the CEC, 14 August 2013.

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