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eFlash! 2012-09

2012 AGM — Annual General Meeting /
AGA 2012 — Assemblée générale annuelle

Saturday, 18 August 2012, 16h30–17h30
Christie Studio: 601 Christie Street, Toronto
By tram: 512 — St Clair Ave. W. at Christie St. Farside
By bus: 126 — Christie St. at Benson Ave.

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Treasurer’s Report

Institutional Income Sources

Canada Council for the Arts (CCA) provided a 3rd successive 15% increase in funding eContact! bringing support for 2012–13 (issues 15.1–15.4) to $19,100.

As a side note, the CEC Treasurer (myself) and Administrator (jef chippewa) met with Peter Schneider in the Writing & Publishing section of CCA in November 2011 in Ottawa. Peter expressed CCA’s great respect of the growth of the magazine and of the excellent administration and management of its production.

The CEC is now in its eighth year of receiving Core Funding support from the SOCAN Foundation. This source has since 2005 been spread across various projects as needed and has been used for the purchase of new software, for covering partial costs of eContact!, JTTP, and for SONUS maintenance. Support is currently at $9,000 per year.

Other Income Sources

CEC Membership has for many years been very stable with a slight and constant increase each year. It currently sits at just over 200 members worldwide. Membership dues are up this year because many outstanding dues were paid during the 2011–12 fiscal year.

CEC membership consists of individuals and institutions (music schools and libraries, production associations, etc). A list of members can be found on the CEC’s website at <http://cec.sonus.ca/members>. (If you know of or are involved with an institution that might have an interest in becoming a CEC member, please contact the CEC administrators.)

The JTTP 2012 prize package (around $3,000 this year) is built exclusively on donations, including cash from individuals and goods (CDs, books, magazines, etc.) from institutions.

Production and sales of the Cache CD series have been in hiatus because of changes to funding and the work involved producing CEC’s 25th Anniversary Tour; the Canada Council has revamped an existing programme to be able to continue funding CD productions and the CEC will resume production of these CDs again this year (Cache 2010, 2011, 2012).


The November 2011 CEC 25th Anniversary Tour was made possible through the support of the SOCAN Foundation, through the Creators’ Assistance Programme. Participating institutions also contributed, but the $30,000 provided by the Foundation was the major source of revenue that enabled the CEC to carry the tour out.

Money held back for unforeseeable expenses of CEC25 yielded some surplus (around $2000). This surplus was added to the Capital Fund established in the 1980s as a buffer for unforeseeable deficits in potentially difficult years. It is understood that in the long term, years of shortage are balanced by years of surplus to maintain the balance, currently kept around $20,000.


Thanks to excellent work of the CEC’s experienced administrators jef chippewa and Yves Gigon, the financial situation of the CEC remains very healthy, and its projects are maintained very efficiently.

Signed, Eldad Tsabary, Treasurer of the CEC, 16 August 2011.

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