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eFlash! 2011-09

2011 AGM — Annual General Meeting /
AGA 2011 — Assemblée générale annuelle

Saturday, 13 August 2011, 16h15–17h00
Christie Studio: 601 Christie Street, Toronto
By tram: 512 — St Clair Ave. W. at Christie St. Farside
By bus: 126 — Christie St. at Benson Ave.

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President’s Report / Rapport du président

At the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, 2010–11 has been characterized by the maintenance and incremental growth of our core projects, as well as preparations for the celebration of the Community’s 25th anniversary: in the form of a cross-country concert and seminar tour tied to the annual JTTP competition — but more about this later. I will begin by presenting the state of the organisation’s governance and of our core projects.

CEC Board 2011–12

The Board of the CEC meets on a continuous basis via an email discussion list. It is a pleasure to serve on the Board, as discussion and deliberation there is characteristically collegial, efficient and wide-ranging. I think the CEC has been particularly well served by the fact that the evolution of the personnel serving on the Board has been slow and steady. This year, the Board is bidding a “farewell” to outgoing member Katharine Norman and welcoming incoming member Carey Dodge (from Vancouver). Please thank them both for their service when you get the chance!

The CEC’s Board of Directors for the coming year will be as follows:

JTTP 2011

The Jeu de Temps / Times Play (JTTP) competition is one of the most important CEC projects on account of its close relation to our mandate to support young and emerging artists. Congratulations to all who participated in JTTP this year — and a special congratulations to those whose works were selected as the highest ranking. Jury members’ comments indicated that the submissions (37 in total) were very strong this year. The board determined (on the basis of the rankings prepared by the jury) that it was both possible and advisible to award a tie for first place in the competition, as well as all of the 2nd, 3rd 4th and 5th place prizes. A special thanks to the many individuals and organisations that donate prize money and items to the JTTP competition! There will be an official launch of this year’s completed JTTP project in eContact! 14.1 (September 2011) and we will hold a live broadcast of the launch with Eliot Handelman on Montreal’s CKUT. The highest ranking works for JTTP 2011 were:

  1. (ex æquo) Maxime Corbeil-Perron — Fragments (2011 / 10:00)
  2. (ex æquo) Marc-André Perron — Effervescence / Somnolence (2010 / 10:24)
  3. David Arango Valencia — Canción de Otraparte « Chanson d’ailleurs » (2011 / 12:04)
  4. Jullian Hoff — Scratch (2011 / 12:06)
  5. Guillaume Barrette — Parasite (2011 / 10:00)
  6. Guillaume Campion — Neige cendre (2011 / 11:22)


If JTTP is the CEC project most directed to the new, eContact!(our online journal)is the complementary project that preserves our shared histories, connecting new and old alike with wider and deeper resources.

eContact! is finishing up a fantastic year with a large issue (13.2) on Piano + Live EA (Guest Editor German pianist Sebastian Berweck); performance issues and paradigms of EA practice through TES 2010 papers and complementary articles in issue 13.3; and the first single publication dedicated to the work of electronic instrument and equipment pioneer Harald Bode (13.4, Guest Editor Rebekkah Palov, from HB Archive). Each issue of eContact! now includes an interview section and a new column inaugurated by Kevin Austin (“X Questions to…”), offering a brief look at composers’ backgrounds, etc.

There was a generous increase to funding for eContact! from the Canada Council’s Writing & Publishing Section, which has supported eContact! from the journal’s inception in 1997–98. The journal was the beneficiary of a major overhaul last year, with greatly improved design and ease of navigation. Currently CEC co-administrators Yves and jef are working on building an index of all articles back to issue 1.1 — watch for this come Fall. Upcoming issues are projected to have as a focus the Turntable, and the CEC 25th anniversary tour (see below) and related items.

25th Anniversary and 25th Anniversary Tour

The CEC was founded in 1986 and is thus enjoying its 25th anniversary in 2011. We will celebrate the milestone by producing a cross-Canada concert and seminar tour in November — with coast-to-coast events in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Toronto, Montréal and St. John’s. The tour will be launched in Montréal on November 11th at Concordia University. In Edmonton, an entire weekend of events is being built around the date (20 Nov) and in Toronto, the date (26 Nov) is integrated into the final weekend of NAISA’s 11th annual SOUNDplay Festival. More info will be announced about the tour in late September, so stay tuned!


More information about the CEC’s financial status will come from the Treasurer’s Report but briefly: we are solid and well-balanced as always. SOCAN Foundation Core Funding is stable (thank you!) and additionally, another major contribution from the SOCAN Foundation is making the 25th anniversary tour possible.


As always, we welcome new members so please encourage your friends, colleagues, students and mentors to become a member and thereby show their support for our EA community-building projects.

SPECIAL OFFER: New members can send their mailing address to CEC co-administrator jef by email <jef@econtact.ca> with Subject “New Member / AGM 2011” for a free copy of Cache 2009. Steady growth in our membership numbers continues, both among Canadian and international members (although the core of the membership is located in Canada, membership in the CEC also attracts a significant number of international EA practitioners).


Just a reminder: the CEC recently moved to its own domain <cec.sonus.ca>, so please make sure you have updated your CEC-related bookmarks from <cec.concordia.ca>. Note that the main CEC email is now <cec@sonus.ca>, while personal emails for CEC Administrators remain as they were before the move.

Yours most truly,
David Ogborn
President of the CEC Board
Saturday, August 13, 2011

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