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eFlash! 2002-11

eFlash! — November 2002

In this month's eFlash!, I am very pleased to present the CEC Board of Directors, as approved at the CEC Annual General meeting, held in Montréal, October 10, 2002. With members from coast-to-coast, and beyond, this Board truly represents the geographic diversity of the CEC. The list of Directors is below.

Minutes of the October 10 AGM can be read online at :


Thanks are in order to outgoing and continuing Board members for your hard work over the past, very productive year. In particular, I would like to extend sincere thanks - both on behalf of the CEC, and personally - to outgoing President Rosemary Mountain. Rosemary has done a terrific job, and will be a hard act to follow.

Although the term for Board members is two years, terms are staggered so that some positions are in rotation each year. Thus CEC members have an opportunity to step forward and serve on the Board every year. I encourage you to begin planning now for your candidacy next year!

We have two other quick items of business this month:

Cache 2002, the CD produced from last year's JTTP entries, is about to be mailed out. All paid-up CEC members will be receiving a copy of this CD shortly.

The call has gone out for DISContact III, and I encourage everyone to get their submission in as soon as possible. Full details on this opportunity can be found at :


As always, we welcome members' feedback on our activities, and encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns.

With best wishes,

Steven Naylor
President of the Board

CEC Board of Directors

Steven Naylor (2002-2004 / Halifax)

Stéphane Roy (2002-2004 / Montréal)

Jean Routhier (2001-2003 / Vancouver)

Laurie Radford (2001-2003 / Edmonton)

Kevin Austin (98-2004 / Montréal)
Nicolas Basques (2001-2003 / Montréal)
Andra McCartney (2002-2004 / Montréal)
Mark Hannesson (2002-2004 / Vancouver)
Ian Stewart (2002-2004 / London, UK)

Steve Beck
Ned Bouhalassa
Ian Chuprun
Jean-François Denis
Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner
Daniel Leduc
Al Mattes
Rosemary Mountain
Pete Stollery

Administration, Webmaster
Yves Gigon

Special Projects Manager
Ian Chuprun

Biographies of Board members can be read at :


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