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eFlash! 2002-11

eFlash - xi 2002

Minutes from the CEC's 2001-02 AGM

Annual General Meeting 2001-02 of CEC Membership: Thursday October 10 at 7 pm at the Concordia University Downtown Campus (Room H-769 - Hall building, 1455 de Maisonneuve West).

Present: Ian Chuprun (recording secretary), Yves Gigon, Eliot Handelman, alcides lanza, Andra McCartney, Rosemary Mountain, Stéphane Roy

1) Approbation de l'ordre du jour / Adoption of the agenda. Adopted. IC/AM.

2) Approbation du procès-verbal de la dernière assemblée générale / Approval of the minutes. Approved. IC/YG

3) Sujets touchant le procès-verbal de la dernière assemblée générale / Business arising from the minutes. None.

4) Rapport du Président / President's Report IC, on behalf of incoming president Steven Naylor, presented the most recent eFlash! (Oct. 2002) as the report from the President, plus:

- presented the new Board and thanked the outgoing members, underlining RM's commitment and outstanding efforts as President of the Board for the past two years,

- thanked the many volunteers who have provided translation services

5) Rapport du Conseil d’Administration / Reports from the Board

IC presented the Treasurer's reports (audited report from 2001-02 and the proposed budget for 2002-03) on behalf of the CEC treasurer Laurie Radford, with the aid of YG.

IC answered questions regarding the new sums dedicated for the President's travel fund and the new monies dedicated to purchasing advertising.

Accepted. AM/al

6) Autres/Other business

- Honorary Members IC brought up two items regarding the Honorary Members category:

1. New Honorary members,
2. Pioneer Honorary Members. Discussion ensued, and it was felt that the term Pioneers should not be used and another term found (possibly Hall of Fame).

- CEC Visibility. IC outlined the CEC's recent activities regarding purchasing advertising space in specific locations to raise awareness regarding the CEC. Comments and suggestions were received. It was strongly supported that the President of the Board should have a discretionary fund to aid with Board member travel to face to face meetings.

- Membership Drive It was suggested that educators be contacted, and individuals make personal contacts to increase membership and promote the CEC. EH suggested that if the CEC wishes to appeal to a broader area of activity, that certain terms and perspectives be modified and expanded so that more people feel welcome.

- Travel costs for Board Members

- International communications This item was added to the JTTP item below.

- JTTP 2003 IC presented the brief summary as to where the CEC production group is regarding the JTTP 2003 and the international perspective it has acquired.

- The Sonus (jukebox) project - preliminaries IC and YG presented a brief summary as to where the CEC production group is regarding the CEC's Targeted Initiatives project (CEC jukebox).

- Report by Stéphane Roy about the CALQ Stéphane Roy presented a report regarding the CEC possibly applying to the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec for operating funds. A meeting regarding this was planned.

7) Levée de l'assemblée/ Adjournment : 9:10pm Adjournment.

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