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Works » By Title » G » G (8:45 / 1987)

Ricardo Dal Farra, Arturo Gervasoni

for electronic guitar, real-time processed synthesizer

“G” is a real-time electroacoustic work composed by Ricardo Dal Farra (digital synthesizer and electroacoustic processors) and Arturo Gervasoni (MIDI guitar), in 1987.

This composition was made using an electric guitar with digital data output (MIDI) that worked as control unit of a synthesizer (Yamaha DX7). The guitar was primarily used to control the ratio of tones, durations, and distribution of events.

“Gravitacional,” the first movement, is built over a rhythmic-melodic ostinato and long sounds. Their gradual transformation is the outcome of changes in register, control of durations and different kind of attacks on the guitar; at the same time the work on the synthesizer is emphasized over the spectrum, controlling the distribution and frequency ratio of partials.

“Inercial,” the second movement, is based on a dialogue between registers. The velocity and direction of each moving sound is controlled from the synthesizer.

“G” was premiered live in Argentina at Centro Cultural Ciudad de Buenos Aires on July 4 of 1987. This piece represented Argentina at the UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers of 1987, held in Paris, France.

  • Studio: Estudio de Música Electracústica (Buenos Aires, Argentine)

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