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Works » By Title » D » Double (5:28 / 1986)

Ricardo Dal Farra, Arturo Gervasoni

for electroacoustic processors (Dal Farra) and guitar (Arturo Gervasoni)

Double was composed and recorded by Ricardo Dal Farra (electroacoustic processors) and Arturo Gervasoni (guitar).

This composition is built over micro-structures. While the audio processors change pitches and density of attacks, the internal relationships of these micro-structures are unaltered. The materials are compact at first, but changes in velocity and lack of continuity happens in the mid-section. Close to the end, some elements from the beggining reappear more slowly and inside a restricted frame of pitches.

The sounds produced by the guitar player are processed through a mixing desk, a delay line and a digital pitch transposer. All sounds heard on this piece were played and processsed live during recording.

Double was premiered live on television (at Cablevision) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 1 of 1986. Also was performed live by the composers in the US at the Center for the Fine Arts of Miami during the New Music America festival, in 1988. The recorded version of Double was played in several festivals and symposiums, such as the III Encuentro Internacional de Música Electroacústica, held in Varadero, Cuba.

  • Studio: Estudio de Música Electracústica (Buenos Aires, Argentine)

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