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DISContact! II


A Second Compilation of Works from the Members of the CEC

DISContact! II Second Pressing Introduction

Two years ago the CEC published 1000 copies of DISContact! II. At the time, those of us close to the project thought we did a good job of bringing together so many fine pieces, and that the composers would surely benefit from the wide distribution of the CDs.

I felt good about working on DISContact! II because all the submitted pieces were included in the project. To me, this was success as it demonstrated two important aspects of the CEC, first: the CEC is a community builder, linking artists through common concerns and promoting their diversity, and second: all the pieces displayed a high level of technical ability, setting a standard for any arts community.

I hope you enjoy this re-release of DISContact! II, and suggest you look out for other CDs currently being prepared by *PeP* (Productions Èlectro Productions), a production group for the CEC.

Ian Chuprun
DISContact! II Project Coordinator
Montréal. August 1997.  

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