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Mission, Vision and Value Statements

As part of the exercise of formulating a Strategic Plan for 2020–2024 for the CEC, Mission, Vision and Value Statements were drafted to articulate and strengthen the organization’s commitment to the interests and needs of CEC members and the Canadian electroacoustic milieu.


To foster the growth of a passionate and inspiring community of Canadian artists within a collaborative international network of influential creators, engaged listeners and devoted educators reflecting a diverse range of innovative electroacoustic practices.


Enrich and broaden awareness of the vibrant mosaic of electroacoustic art forms in Canada and, in doing so, demonstrate global leadership in community building.


Support of artistic practice requires dedication and sustenance, and we see these as being informed and strengthened through the fostering of a personal relationship linking art, artist and arts organization.

Empowerment and Community
We acknowledge the vitality of a community to be dependent on the empowerment of its constituent members within a mutually beneficial relationship. Give voice to an individual and the individual will speak on behalf of the community.

Sustained and Adaptive Support
We are committed to the long-term and far-reaching sustenance of the electroacoustic arts milieu and understand this can only be founded on innovative and forward-thinking actions implemented with critical self-awareness, reflection and flexibility.

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