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Strategic Plan

June 2020 — May 2024

Executive Summary

It gives me great pleasure to present the Strategic Plan 1[1. Portions of the plan (the Executive Summary [this page], the Mission, Vision and Value Statements, and the About the CEC) have been published to the CEC website. Download the full Strategic plan (in PDF format).] put in place by the Board of Directors of the CEC. With this four-year plan, we wish to foster a strong and passionate community that reflects the diversity of its artists and their geography.

Our primary goal is to support the Canadian electroacoustic community. Our activities focus on an online sound library containing more than 3000 works by 1120 artists (Sonus), an open-access periodical of primary importance for research (eContact!) and a competition that encourages the work of emerging artists (JTTP), as well as educational projects, symposia, colloquia and collaborations.

Over the next four years, we wish to develop a series of initiatives to enhance existing activities and develop new ones. In order to do so, we are putting forward an equity, diversity and inclusion plan that offers concrete tools for participants to become actors of change in their environment. We are committed to applying this plan to all of our activities, whether through raising awareness, equity in representation, or other engagements with the community. By community, we mean artists as well as the public, teachers, curators, students, music lovers, academics, organizations and institutions — it is with them that we bring music to life. We wish to strengthen these ties, both in Canada and internationally, by developing partnerships, creating forums for exchange and inviting audiences of all ages and backgrounds to discover electroacoustic music.

What we are proposing responds to the evolution of our network by adapting and responding to changes in society. Thus, one of our objectives is to have a social impact by setting up an ambitious network of exchanges between the academic world, the professional world and the community. By using sound and music as a vehicle, we wish to connect the entire electroacoustic community to the local, national and international cultural milieu as well as to the public.

Respectfully yours,
Myriam Boucher

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