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Events / Événements

Over the years, the CEC has assisted, collaborated on and co-produced a number of festivals, conferences and other events.

Ongoing call for works for SONUS.ca, the CEC’s online electroacoustic jukebox.

Recent Events

TIES 2017

Toronto, 9–12 August 2017

60x60 Canada

Halifax: Oscillations Music Society, St Mary’s University Art Gallery, 5 October 2008.
Toronto: Nuit Blanche, (TBA) October 2008.
Montréal: EuCuE series XXVII (Oscar Peterson Concert Hall), 5–7 November 2008.
Mexico City: Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, 28–29 November 2008.
Montréal: Matrabox Space Launch, (TBA) November 2008.
Regina: University of Regina, Winter 2008–09.

The first all-Canadian edition of the project, featuring 60 works of a maximum duration of 60 seconds performed in a 60 minute concert.

CEC Events

Electroacoustic Seminars: Professional Production in Electroacoustics

Montréal, Calgary, Banff, Winnipeg, Toronto, Halifax: various institutions, 17 October – 3 November 2007.

A series of seminars and concerts were held in eight institutions across Canada in Fall 2007. The Seminars on “Professional Production in Electroacoustics” covered various topics related to electroacoustic creation.

Oscillations Festival

Oscillations 2008

Halifax NS: Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery, Eyelevel Gallery, 2–3 February 2008.

Guest artist Scott Wilson presented a workshop on SuperCollider. Performances by InterACT, special guest Monique Buzzarté and Andrew Duke (laptop).

Oscillations 2005

Wolfville NS: Acadia University, 18–20 November 2005.

Guest composer and workshop host Robert Normandeau presented multi-channel works. Performances by Atlantic-based artists.

Oscillations 2003

Wolfville NS: Acadia University, 24–24 October 2003.

Guest presenter Kevin Austin (Concordia University, Montréal) introduced an eclectic audience to the principles of concert diffusion.

Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium — TIES (previously TES — Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium)

In August 2007 the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto and New Adventures in Sound Art held the first Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium.

TIES 2016

Toronto, ON, 10–13 August 2016

TIES 2015

Toronto, ON, 19–22 August 2015

TIES 2014

Toronto, ON, 14–17 August 2014

TES 2013

Toronto, ON, 14–17 August 2013

TES 2012

Toronto, ON, 15–18 August 2012

TES 2011

Toronto, ON, 10–13 August 2011

TES 2010

Toronto, ON, 4-7 August 2010

TES 2009

Toronto Island, 6–9 August 2009

TES 2008

Toronto ON: various venues, 7–9 August 2008.

TES 2007

Toronto ON: various venues, 9–10 August 2007.

Many of the presentations from TES 2007 are published in eContact! 10.3 — Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium 2007 (TES) / Symposium Électroacoustique 2007 de Toronto (May 2008).

Past Events




électroWEB was a production for the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC), which took place on the WWW for two weeks in December 1995.


Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver, 1993.

A CEC cross-Canada radio festival linking Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver by broad band-width telephone lines. Live-to-air performances and interactive ea/cm.


Montréal, 1991.

A CEC conference in Montréal with concerts, paper sessions and radio programs.


Banff, 1989.

A CEC conference at the Banff Centre for the Arts with concerts, paper sessions and radio programs.


Toronto, 1988.

A CEC conference in Toronto with concerts and paper sessions.

2001 - 14

Montréal, 1987.

Co-sponsored by McGill University, Université de Montréal, Conservatoire de Montréal, ACREQ, and Concordia University. The CEC is accepted as the national association.

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