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eFlash! 1997-12

eFlash! December 1997 (Double-issue)

Provided for the members of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community


Dear CEC members,

The CEC is actively involved in several interesting projects which will begin bearing their fruit in the coming months.These projects will permit the CEC to enter the 21st century with the same success it has always known. Presently the CEC is involved in a Radio/Web project involving the preparation of radio programs. More details about this project can be found below.

This coming year will also see the production of 4 issues of e-Contact!, each focussing on a theme, and exploring sound on the Web.

Wondering how you can get involved? Write us, visit our website, keep us informed about your work. Most importantly, continue forward in your musical pursuits!

Enjoy your holidays, we look forward to hearing from you in the new year.

Yves Gigon


*PeP* (Productions electro Productions) continues its work on the Radio / Web Project.

With the Canada Council's reductions of the CEC's Operating Grants, the CEC has been looking into other solutions for funding, and as mentioned in the May 1997 e-Flash!, applied to the CHRC for a project grant. Their acceptance of our proposal has allowed the blossoming of *PeP*, the Project Group of the CEC, responsible for PRESENCE. This group is made up of individuals having talents and resources in a great variety of fields, from sound production to radio programming to graphic design and beyond.

These individuals participate in varied manners, depending on the needs of each particular project. There is a core production group. *PeP* is presently working on the Radio / Web Project, which aim is to promote the awareness of electroacoustics and to broaden the community.

The project group is gathering materials from various sources to be compiled into radio programs according to thematic content. These programs will then be published to the CEC's Website, complete with program notes.

Many funding agencies are increasingly aware of the importance of new technologies and *PeP* is aligning itself to help the CEC take full advantage of the shifting situation. This said, the importance of the Web side of the project can be put in perspective.

Make sure to reload your CEC bookmarks often this year! http://cec.sonus.ca


The frequency of publication of Contact! this year will double, thanks to the recent receipt of a small grant from the Canada Council, intended for the publication of 4 Web-based issues of Contact! Each issue will feature a theme and audio clips, and here in the virtual office, final decisions are being made on these themes.

Keep your eyes peeled, and your modems ready for this! Previous issues can be found on the CEC's website at:

CEC, movers and shakers in the CD world!

Due to depletion of stocks thanks to the resounding success of the DISContact! series, DISContact! II, featuring CEC members, has been re-printed and is once again available.


PRESENCE, the latest double CD package produced by *PeP* is making waves in the community! All CEC members received a complimentary copy with Contact! 11.1, the last regular paper issue of Contact! Almost 600 promotional copies were sent out across Canada and internationally, with a significant number to radio stations who had responded positively to a request regarding their participation or desire to participate in the promotion of electroacoustics.

Additional copies of DISContact! II and PRESENCE are available through the CEC at $15 CAN each, $15 US outside of Canada.



The CEC's fiscal year runs from June to May.

If you have not yet paid your dues for the 1997-8 year you will have received an email reminder.

The CEC needs your continuing support.

The dues are as follows:

Permanent Member $60
Associate Member $30
Institutional Member $60

The additional $15 fee for international members has been eliminated.

@ cecdiscuss

Last, but not least, don't forget about <cecdiscuss>, which offers an immediate link to the entire globe, through a diverse community of almost 300 people, and an important resource for those wishing to discuss and exchange information on electroacoustics and related subjects. To subscribe:

Send the message: <subscribe cecdiscuss>

to the address: majordomo@concordia.ca Encourage your colleagues, friends and students to join.

© CEC 1997, 98, 99

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