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eFlash! 1997-12

Minutes of the CEC Annual General Meeting (August 1997)

August 25 août 1997 19:15

Espace Claude Schryer
4859 Jeanne-Mance
Montréal QC Canada


Kevin Austin (Acting Chair), Ian Chuprun, Yves Gigon, Jef Chippewa (Recording Secretary), Jean-François Denis, Steve Godin, Daniel Leduc, Dave Lindsay, Claude Schryer.

1. Approval of the Agenda

Moved (IC/DLi): To adopt the agenda.

2. Approval of the minutes of the last AGM

Moved (CS/IC): To accept the minutes of the June 1996 AGM.

3. President's Report

KA apologized that the CEC president Darren Copeland could not be present, and would therefore act as Chair of the AGM.

KA spoke of the CEC's activities, projects, and concerns in the past year and noted:

- 1997-1998 is the last year of regular funding by the Canada Council as an arts service organization

- transformation of the CEC's physical office space to a virtual office fully functional

- cecboard and cecpanel allow the Board to maintain contact

- final regular paper issue of Contact! soon to be published, will include 2-CD set PRESENCE

- CEC support for the production group for the production of PRESENCE: no CEC funds were involved; 800 will be mailed promotionally, 700 will be given to the CEC

- IC finishes his term as Administrator, YG becomes Administrator on September 07, 1997; Daniel Scheidt leaves the CEC Board;

- two people will work for the CEC, supported through a CHRC program

- the new Board was introduced:

Darren Copeland - President
Dave Lindsay - Vice-president
Jean Routhier - Treasurer
Kevin Austin - Secretary
Stephen Naylor - Member-at-large
Andra McCartney - Member-at-large
Al Mattes - Member-at-large

It was noted that the Board membership spans eight time zones.

A special note of thanks went out to departing and former Board members for their contributions to the CEC and the ea/cm community in general.

4. Treasurer's Report

KA acts as Treasurer and noted that the CEC is in good financial health for the coming year: the CEC continues to be prudent in expenses, looking towards the future.

Moved (CS/YG): To accept the financial report as detailed in the document provided.
Discussion. Approved.

5. Director's Report

IC has nothing to add.

6. Other Business

The Radio/Web project funded by the CHRC (in development) was explained by KA.

The relation between the production group and the CEC was discussed. New funding procedures were explored.

There was discussion on the role of the CEC to its present and future members.

Moved (CS/DL): To thank the outgoing and incoming board members for great work, and for future great work.

Moved (CS/JFD): To thank Ian Chuprun for his excellent work as Administrator to the CEC.

7. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9:30

Respectfully submitted

Kevin Austin
Secretary to the CEC

With thanks to Jef Chippewa for taking notes.

Aug 29, 1997

© CEC 1997, 98, 99

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