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eFlash! 2000-12

President's remarks (December 2000)

Here's wishing you all a good December, whether it be a time for celebration, for relaxation, for creativity or productivity. Remember it's the last one of the millennium! How about giving away a copy of Cache or Presence II for Christmas? The audiences are always growing - maybe it's time that difficult-to-shop-for niece or kid sister was introduced to the sonic wonderland.

Cache 2000 is being mailed out right now to all CEC members who have paid up their dues to the present -- extra copies can be had by sending us a cheque for $15 each. We are pleased to report that PRESENCE II is also a tremendous success and is being played in concert and on the radio all over the world.

Make sure you check the CEC website frequently -- it's a good reference site. That's where you will find all the information on the recently-issued YESA 2001 call for works -- please direct any and all interested people to eContact! 4.1. We are hoping for, and expecting, a good sampling of works from across the country (and beyond).

A call for works for PRESENCE III will also be made very soon, so avoid the mad shopping crowds outdoors and dive into the comfort of your studios and get working on that new piece.

We continue to work on making the CEC an effective body to support the ever-diversifying field of electroacoustics. National and international links are being examined for signs of rust and general wear-and-tear and sent for maintenance as required; new approaches and opportunities are being investigated. We are always interested to hear your ideas, as well as your compositions! We appreciate your membership and hope that you will continue to join with the community to ensure its breadth and quality.

Best wishes,

rosemary mountain

President of the CEC Board

© CEC 2000

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