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eFlash! 2000-08

President's remarks (August 2000)


This past year has been a busy one for fundraising having secured small grants from the Canada Council and the SOCAN Foundation for eContact! and Cache, and sought new project money for a 12-CD Anthology as a millennial project (unfortunately rejected) and a Media Arts project (news is still pending).

Kevin Austin and I met with Music and Media Arts at the Canada Council to discuss a stable multi-year operating grant. They said a definite no for 2000-01, but a small maybe for 2001-02, so keep your fingers crossed. While we were there, we were asked for a map of electroacoustics in this country - stay tuned to cecdiscuss for further discussion.

On the project front:

New Patron and Honorary Member:

Al Mattes has accepted the invitation to be the new Patron of the CEC, taking up the honored title from the CEC’s first Patron, Trudi LeCaine, who passed away recently. Marcelles Deschenes has accepted to become a CEC Honorary Member.

About the Board:

For chiefly personal reasons I have decided to step down from the Board, but will continue on to assist with project development. I wish my successor as President, Rosemary Mountain, all the best. Aiding her will be Yves Gigon as VP, Andra McCartney as Treasurer, Dave Lindsay as Secretary, and Kevin Austin, Laurie Radford and Jean Routhier as members-at-large. Darren Copeland leaves us to pursue his projects with New Adventures in Sound, and I thank him for his energy and good sense over these past few years and his dedication to this art.


At no expense to the CEC, Kevin Austin and I represented the CEC at the Society for ElectroAcoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) at their annual conference SEAMUS Y2K in Denton Texas. It was a fantastic conference and was very good to finally meet a number of the people working in our sister organization to the south.

New Network:

The CEC Board is establishing an email network of educators in Canada, using the list <lecaine> to discuss matters specific to education and electroacoustics. To join send the message

subscribe lecaine

to: <majordomo@concordia.ca>


The CEC's agm will be held at my home in NDG, 4600 King Edward, on Thursday August 31 at 4pm. Everyone is invited. Come for a summer pot luck supper.

RSVP <cec@sonus.ca>

Ian Chuprun

© CEC 2000

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