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eFlash! 2023-12

A Few Words from the CEC Board

Canadian Electroacoustic Community
A sound network.

Hello, everyone!

I’m Simon Chioini, a composer and a recent addition to the CEC board since September. It’s a pleasure to spearhead this edition of eFlash!, keeping you updated on the latest developments and announcements within our vibrant community! As we approach the new year, let’s delve into a summary of the latest news and look forward to what awaits us in 2024.

Funding. A three-year funding application was recently submitted through the SOCAN Foundation’s Annual Operations Assistance programme. We anticipate the results by year-end, seeking multi-year funding spanning 2024 to 2026. This funding is mainly intended to support the organization’s core activities, specifically its recurring annual events: JTTP, the online journal eContact! and the media library Sonus.

eContact! — Call for Contributions. We are reminding everyone about the upcoming deadline of 1 April 2024, for submissions to edition 23.1 focusing on Sound Installation. We are seeking contributions and encouraging everyone to spread the word while eagerly anticipating a variety of submissions!

JTTP 2023 — Residencies. Exciting news for JTTP 2023! Three esteemed residency partners — Lobe Studios in Vancouver, CMMAS in Mexico and Akademie der Künste Berlin in Germany — are set to host JTTP artists from the 2023 edition. Stay tuned for further details and dates, which will be announced in spring.

JTTP 2023 — Concert in Sound Days (Latvia). We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with the Sound Days Festival in Liepaja, Latvia. The upcoming event in April 2024 will feature a special concert showcasing prizewinners and recipients of thematic awards from the 24th edition of JTTP. The festival will also offer a diverse program of workshops and concerts centred around media and sound art, electronic and experimental music, and audiovisual works.

JTTP 2024 — Early Announcement. Mark your calendars for the upcoming deadline on May 1st! Celebrating its 25th anniversary, this edition promises special events. Thanks to a generous private donation, two new thematic awards are also being introduced alongside the existing ones. Keep an eye out for the announcement of these awards in early 2024.

CEC Board member Simon Chioini in Montréal on 4 June 2020. [Click image to enlarge]

As the CEC continues to evolve alongside the trends in our creative field, we’re thrilled at the prospects the upcoming year holds. We eagerly anticipate the community’s initiatives and aim for deeper connections, sharing resonant ideas, sounds and music in 2024. Stay connected for more updates and initiatives. Your essential role in our community is deeply appreciated, and here’s to an impactful and rewarding year ahead together!

Simon Chioini
CEC Board Member
1 December 2023

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