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eFlash! 2023-08

A Few Words from the CEC Treasurer

Canadian Electroacoustic Community
A sound network.

A big hello and salut to all of you from the Board of the CEC! It is my pleasure to update everyone on the CEC’s recent activities.

Membership Dues. I would like to make a friendly reminder to members that membership payments are due at the start of our fiscal year (1 June). They are an important part of our budget and help the CEC realize several yearly projects. You should have received a reminder recently from jef regarding this. A big thanks to everyone who has already paid their dues and especially to those who have caught up from past dues owing from previous years. If you have any questions regarding memberships and payments, contact jef chippewa.

AGM — Annual General Meeting for CEC Members. Our yearly Annual General Meeting will be held on 14 September 2023 at 15:30 in Montréal. You are invited to attend in person or online (the location and webcast link will be posted shortly). I will provide details on the CEC’s financial situation in my Treasurer’s Report. The President will also present her report to the membership about recent and ongoing activities and upcoming initiatives of the CEC.

JTTP 2023 — Announcement of this Year’s Results. At the AGM, the results of the 24th edition of the Jeu de temps / Times Play project will be announced, proceeding the big public release. Some of the prizewinners and thematic award recipients will be in attendance at the AGM. Please come out to the AGM to meet our shiny new winners!

CEC Treasurer Shawn Pinchbeck at Kleskun Hill AB in 2019. Image © Chenoa Anderson. [Click image to enlarge]

eContact! — Online Journal for Electroacoustic Practices. You should have recently received a notice of the launch of eContact! 21.2 on Conceptual Approaches to Sound-Based Artistic Practices. I invite you to check it out if you haven’t already! It’s a captivating read over your morning coffee. We have more issues in the pipeline, the details of which will also be presented in the President’s Report at the AGM.

Email Communications. Due to issues with email delivery, we are currently exploring MailChimp as a mailing list option. This should be transparent to the membership. Stay subscribed to the list to receive updates about CEC projects and AGMs, etc.

Best wishes,
Shawn Pinchbeck
Treasurer of the CEC Board of Directors
10 August 2023

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