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eFlash! 2009-09

2009 AGM — Annual General Meeting /
AGA 2009 — Assemblée générale annuelle

Documents provided to those present at the 2009 AGM (the proposed Agenda, the Minutes from the 2008 AGM and the CEC’s 2008–09 Financial Report) are available here in PDF.

Minutes of the 2009 AGM / AGA 2009

Tuesday, 30 September 2009, 17:00 / Mardi, le 30 septembre 2009, 17h00
Green Room, Oscar Peterson Concert Hall
Concordia University
7141 rue Sherbrooke ouest, Montréal

Present in person at the AGM: CEC Member Kevin Austin (KA), CEC co-Administrator Yves Gigon (YG), and CEC members Mark Corwin (MC) and Eliot Handelman (EH). Online (known) attendees include CEC co-Administrator and secretary for the AGM jef chippewa, CEC Secretary Jean Routhier.

The meeting began at 17:00. Kevin Austin presided over the meeting.

KA opens the meeting with a brief introduction of the persons present at the meeting and the describes technology and people involved in having the AGM webcast.

Ordre du jour / Agenda

  1. Approbation de l’ordre du jour / Adoption of the agenda.

KA reads the Agenda with brief commentary throughout. The Agenda is adopted by consensus.

  1. Approbation du procès-verbal de la dernière assemblée générale / Adoption of the minutes.

KA proposes consensual adoption of the Minutes of the AGM 2008. All items are adopted by consensus.

  1. Sujets touchant le procès-verbal de la dernière assemblée générale / Business Arising from the Minutes.

There were no items arising from the minutes.

  1. Rapport du Président / President’s Report [full text]

KA reads the President’s Words on behalf of David Ogborn who could not be present at the meeting, and provides general background information on the projects mentioned in the report.

KA requests a motion to adopt the President’s Report. The report is adopted by consenus.

  1. Rapport du Conseil d’administration / Reports from the Board

KA discusses the budget on behalf of Treasurer Eldad Tsabary who unexpectedly could not attend the meeting. The report is adopted by consensus.

  1. Autres / Other Business

EH initiates a discussion about the role of SONUS and eContact! to the electroacoustic community and meanders through related topics such as internet access and media, and the composer-publisher relations.

KA motions to adjourn the meeting. Adopted by consensus.

  1. Levée de l’assemblée / Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 17:43, Wednesday, 30 September 2009, Green Room of Concordia University.


The CEC thanks Mark Corwin for his assistance in setting up and maintaining the webcast and for receiving and transmitting comments from online attendees.

Minutes submitted by jef chippewa, Secretary for the CEC’s 2009 Annual General Meeting, on 30 September 2009.

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