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eFlash! 2006-09

Assemblée  générale  annuelle 2006 Annual General Meeting

Report for AGM 2006

CEC Board

This year, there are several changes to Board positions. Members-at-Large Pierre Alexandre Tremblay and Nicolas Basques, and Treasurer Mark Hanneson will be vacating their Board positions. On behalf of the Board, I wish to thank them for their contributions to the international electroacoustic community, and wish them all the best with their future endeavours. The proposed board for the coming year is as follows:

To prevent five board positions from simultaneously expiring at the end of 2008, David Ogborn and Kevin Austin have agreed to serve three-year terms.

I am especially pleased to welcome David Ogborn and Shawn Pinchbeck to the CEC Board. Both have extensive experience in organizing electroacoustic events, and will bring valuable new perspectives and opportunities to the CEC.

The past year has been an eventful one. An update on current CEC projects:


Yves Gigon and jef chippewa have made numerous improvements to the design of eContact. The scope of content has also been expanded, and this year's edition of the journal is among the most substantial the CEC has produced. The Canada Council for the Arts Publishing Section has approved funding for eContact for the next year, and preparations are already underway for four new issues. Four of the articles in eContact 8.4 were generated by the wider EA community, contributing content to an open Wiki-style wepage. The board continues to discuss how further interesting projects can be developed using this open and flexible architecture.


Sonus continues to expand, and now features over 1800 works. Web traffic statistics confirm that Sonus has become a popular resource for electroacoustic listeners and researchers. A publicity campaign for Sonus, eContact and CEC-Conference will be launched in the next month, to coincide with the beginning of the academic year.

Jeu de temps

The 2006 Jeu de temps project has concluded, and I am pleased to be able to congratulate the top five placing composers:
1. Priscille Gendron — Camille (2005–2006/7:37)
2. Raphaël Néron-B. — Toons (2005/7:59)
3. Yota Kobayashi — Reminiscence (2006/5:17)
4. Stefan Kozminchuk — The mind is the voice (2006/7:30)
5. Myriam Hamer-Lavoie — Et pluie souffle... (2005/6:24)

On behalf of the Board, I thank the eighteen jury members who donated their time to the JTTP project. Several members of the jury commented on the outstanding quality of submissions this year. All of the submitted works will soon be available on the CEC webpage in eContact! 9.1, and the Cache 2006 CD, featuring the highest-ranked works from the competition, will be sent to members in the new year.


The CEC-Conference list continues to provoke discussion in the electroacoustic community. There has been a marked increase in subscriber numbers recently, and now around 500 people are reading and contributing to the list.


For the first time in the seven years of the Jeu de temps project, the Canada Council elected not to provide funding for the production of the Cache 2005 CD. We decided to finalize the project with scaled-back packaging. More news soon about Cache 2005 pochettes. I am optimistic that funding can be secured for this year's edition of the project. Funding is otherwise stable or increasing; the Canada Council for the Arts publishing section continues to increase their funding for eContact!, and the SOCAN Foundation continues to provide CEC Core Funding. A substantial grant proposal to Canada Culture Online for a project to archive and make available to the public historically valuable Canadian electroacoustic works was not successful.

Other Projects and Issues

The CEC has recently had discussions with New Adventures in Sound Art about co-organizing a conference in Toronto in the summer of 2007. I am optimistic that this will proceed, and am especially pleased to work with NAISA, given their history of staging large-scale successful events in the city.

The CEC was again invited to contribute one Canadian electroacoustic work to the ISCM New Music Days, for ISCM 2007. The CEC convened a jury, which selected Robert Normandeau's 'Palimpseste'.

The Board has also been discussing the recently formed Canadian New Music Network, which has asked the CEC to join as an organizational member. After much consideration and debate, the Board has decided to delay lending the CEC's support to the Network until the mandate and projects of the organization become more clear.

As always, I am pleased to receive comments and questions from CEC members about all CEC projects.

With my very best wishes,

Ian Stewart
President of the CEC Board

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