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eFlash! 2002-10

eFlash! — October 2002

Words from the CEC President

As part of the CEC's effort to stay in closer contact with you, I plan to provide you with regular updates on CEC activities. Here, briefly, is the present status of some of those activities.

The CEC website:

The website continues to be at the core of our efforts, and we encourage everyone involved in electroacoustics, in any way, to check it regularly. With financial aid from the Canada Council for the Arts' publishing section and CEC membership dues, eContact! is quickly becoming a leading resource for bringing together information about our very broad community. There are presently more than 1000 electroacoustic pieces as compressed audio (mp3 or Shockwave) and many pages of articles and information of concern to electroacoustic composers.

As announced earlier, we are continuing to develop a new, high profile project which will add even more sound materials to the website, and which will raise public awareness about electroacoustics.


The Jeu de temps / Times Play project:

In cooperation with the Sonic Arts Network (UK), our 2003 Jeu de temps / Times Play competition has now become an international project, bridging the Atlantic ocean and bringing more profile to the CEC, and to the project participants.

Our Jeu de temps / Times Play project is a competition for young and emerging artists, and is one of the projects undertaken by the CEC specifically for the benefit of the new generation of composers and sonic artists.


CEC CD releases:

The CEC recently released three more compilation CDs: Cache 2001, Cache 2002 and PRESENCE III. Our compilation CDs have been widely recognized as successful promotional tools and helpful research materials, and we are committed to continuing to release CDs of this kind.

Many of these CDs are distributed automatically to our members (Cache 2002 will be sent to members in the new year); you can order any you've missed through DIFFUSION i Media, the Electronic Music Foundation (EMF), and the Digital Music Archive (UK).

You can also help the CEC by making sure that educators and libraries in your area are aware of this potential resource.


As well, DISContact! III is in the works. If you have not already seen the call for works, please contact the CEC.


To help support the CEC activities, we encourage people within the community (both in Canada and elsewhere) to join the CEC. We are very much a membership-funded organization, and your membership dues are needed to help us to continue our work.

Your support is a contribution to the entire electroacoustic community.

Please renew your membership if you have not already done so, and continue to participate in our activities!


Steven Naylor
CEC President

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