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eFlash! 2002-02

eFlash! — ii 2002

Dear CEC members,

I am delighted to be communicating through that old medium of letters on paper once again. There is something so tangible in it, don't you think? A good complement to the ephemeral qualities of sound.

Speaking of ephemeral, do you check out our website periodically? Do visit — we are constantly working on improvements, and as it becomes more easily accessible it is easier to find the many gems of sounds and thoughts that are contained within. In particular, I draw your attention to the recent eContact! issues. Find it through navigating from the homepage http://cec.sonus.ca or go directly through the new front page:


You will doubtless be pleased to hear that PRESENCE III will be arriving in your mailbox soon, and be even more pleased to hear the works contained on it. An impressive line-up, and yours for free as a CEC member. So, make sure that your dues are up-to-date. [If you are not sure, just send us an email at cec@sonus.ca]

Nominations to the CEC Board of Directors are now being accepted. Please see the nomination sheet for details.

Wishing you all the best for 2002.

Rosemary Mountain
President of the Board
Canadian Electroacoustic Community

© 2001

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