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eFlash! 2001-08

eFlash - Summer 2001

New Board

Rosemary Mountain (President) is involved in composition and analysis, with a special interest in perception / cognition issues and inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary explorations. Teaching electroacoustics, composition and theory courses in the Music Dept / Fine Arts Faculty of Concordia University.

Andra McCartney (VP) teaches Sound in Media for the Communication Studies Dept at Concordia University and is involved in multimedia soundscape composition, having just begun a three-year research project on the changing soundscape of the Lachine Canal.

Laurie Radford (Treasurer) is a composer working with various combinations of instruments, voice and electroacoustic media. His recent work involves compositions for orchestra, solo instruments with electroacoustic music, acousmatic works, and pieces which involve computer-controlled signal processing and event control in interaction with performers. Laurie Radford currently teach electroacoustic music, music technology, and composition at the Department of Music, University of Alberta and is director of the UofA Electroacoustic Music Studio.

Jean Routhier (Secretary) is a sound crafter producing urban folk audio projects. He has been involved in media art projects with subject matter ranging from insomnia to team sports. Presently located in Vancouver and involved (as technical director) with the media center Western Front.

Kevin Austin (Member at Large) is a founding member of the CEC, and has been member-at-large for the past two years. He has taught ea at Concordia University since 1970. His particular areas of interest in ea include composition, analysis, multi-speaker presentation, psychoacoustics and communications.

Nicolas Basque (Member at Large) studied electroacoustic and instrumental composition at Concordia University. Since 1996, he has played electric guitar with the Kappa ensemble conducted by Philippe Keyser. He is interested in composition, improvisation and psychoacoustics.

Steven Naylor (Member at Large) composes and performs electroacoustic and acoustic music for concert performance, theatre, TV and film. Steven also taught EA at Dalhousie University, from 1994 to 2001.

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