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Canadian Electroacoustic Community
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Works » By Title » O » [ On Growth and Form ] (13:00 / 1989)

Bruno Degazio

pour instruments et bande/for instruments and tape

This piece was commissioned by the Canadian Electronic Ensemble in the winter of 1988-1989 and celebrates the birth of my daughter Rachel. It is about expansion and contraction, dispersion and concentration, crescendo and diminuendo, narrowing and widening and about the innumerable ways in which our lives consist of the tensions of opposites. “On Growth and Form” uses Schillinger's ‘growth’ series as the skeleton for a large scale melodic expansion. It may be performed by a number of instruments, from zero to 144, who employ this ‘skeleton’ as the core of a heterophonic style of improvisation. BD

  • Studio: [1988-89].
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