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Works » By Title » S » Sonic Landscape No. 1 (1970)

Barry D. Truax

for horn and tape

“Sonic Landscape #1” (1970) for horn and electronic tape is the first of a series of timbral compositions that create environments of sound with which the performer or listener interacts. The tape part of this work uses electronically generated sounds which reflect and contrast with the live part, in addition to pre-recorded horn notes. Throughout this short, intense piece there is an interplay between the qualities of agressiveness and lyricism which characterize both the instrument's capabilities and the shifting relationship between it and the tape environment. The work was composed in 1970 while the composer was a graduate student at the University of British Columbia, and is dedicated to its first performer Robert Karr. BT

  • Studio: Electronic Music Studio of the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  • Premiere: UBC (Vancouver, British Columbia), 18-i-1971
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