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Works » By Title » P » Pacific Rims (9:16 / 1987)

John A. Celona

Pacific Rims was produced in my studio in January 1987. It represents a departure for me from my large-sounding electroacoustic works to a concern for chamber music relationships. The work was realized with the assistance of a computer program I wrote on a Commodore 64 computer with a Sequential Circuits MIDI interface utilizing the expansion software options in the interface. The algorithm, called BRANCH, develops and transforms rhythmic motives which are passed to the digital synthesizers as MIDI data. Multitrack recording techniques are used to create textures and spatial imaging. The piece is a quartet of complex voices produced by the Yamaha DX7 and TX7 instruments.

  • Studio: Private studio
  • Premiere: “Electroacoustic Music from Europe and Canada”, Open Space Gallery (Victoria, British Columbia)

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