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Works » By Title » I » Íreme (11:48 / 1985)

Sergio Barroso

for voice (soprano or tenor), percussion and tape

“Íreme” is a rank among the Abakwá Secret Societies in Cuba. An Equivalent of the Nigerian Iyampe, it is as well a colorful masked character personifying the spirit of the ancestors in sacred rituals. However, more than the external appearance of this folkloric element of Cuban traditions, the source of inspiration has been the attitudes and stylistic characteristics of the Iremes observed in Havana and a fascination in the magic of its rituals. The text for the piece is a collage put together in Brikamo dialect by the composer. Brikamo is the standard language used, particularly in the rituals, by the Abakwás. It is basically derived from the Efik language of South-Eastern Nigeria. The concert version of the piece calls for either soprano, mezzo, or tenor, who in addition plays a pair of mid-register claves and two maracas of different register (male and female.) The tape part was composed at the Sonic Studio, Simon Fraser University. The sound source consists of one pair of claves, suspended cymbal, one conga drum, and two large gourds. The recorded material was manipulated in the electroacoustic studio using frequency modulated digital delay, and filters. “Ireme” was commissioned in 1985 by the Vancouver dance group “Special Delivery”. The first performance took place March 28, 1985 at the Firehall Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia. SB

  • Studio: Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, British Columbia)
  • Premiere: Firehall Theatre (Vancouver, British Columbia), 28-iii-1985
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