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Composers » M » James Montgomery (USA, 1943)

  • Residence: Toronto, ON, Canada

Jim Montgomery has been involved with electroacoustic music since 1970 when he came to the University of Toronto as a graduate student, where he studied composition with Gustav Ciamaga and John Weinzweig. He is a founding member of the Canadian Electronic Ensemble (CEE), the world’s longest-lived electroacoustic group. He has composed many works combining acoustic and electroacoustic instruments and has developed several new procedures for collective composition and structured improvisation. The culmination of this series so far was Megajam (1992), which involved twenty live-electronic performers. In his parallel career as an arts administrator, Jim Montgomery served as Managing Director of the Canadian Electronic Ensemble from 1976-83 and Administrative Director of New Music Concerts from 1984-87. From 1987-2005, he was Artistic Director of the Music Gallery. He is a past president of the Canadian League of Composers and has served as a lecturer in the Faculty of Education of the University of Toronto (Electronic Media).

[TIES 2014, 2014]

List of Works

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