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Œuvres » Par titre » T » Threason's Pipe (11:17 / 1987)

John Loughrey

[traduction française non disponible]

This work came into being as a result of several conversations through which I learned what a black hole is, what it does, and the various forces of which it is comprised. I was mixing this piece when I had a sudden urge to smoke a bowl of tobacco. I slipped out of the studio to do so and as I was smoking, I became enthralled by the weight of the pipe, the texture of the wood, and its flavor. I rarely smoke a pipe, and when I do it is usually the pipe that belonged to my grandfather. It struck me then that although we favor mental prowess in our society, the things left to us by previous generations are of equal learning value. Whether it be a piece of furniture, a piece of music or a philosophical writing —in effect, any tangible evidence of craftmanship— we can learn from it. JL

  • Studio: Queen's University Electronic Music Studio (Kingston, Ontario)

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