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Œuvres » Par titre » A » Annales (8:50 / 1982)

Iván Patachich

[traduction française non disponible]

Every parameter of this synthetic work was derived from a 24 membered numerical series, which came from a geometrical figure. Thus this series of numbers determines the form, 24 formal sections played attacca/ pitches, rhythms and dynamics of the work. The composition has an overall form, the first 6 movements “A” and the 12 intermediate movements “B” and the retrograde form of the “A” part closes the whole work. The composition was realized at the Hungarian Radio Electronic Studio in 1982 with the collaboration of István Horváth and sound engineer. IP

  • Studio: Hungarian Radio Electronic Studio (Bupadest, Hungary)
  • Création: Hungarian Radio Electronic Studio (Bupadest, Hungary), 28-x-1982
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