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Œuvres » Par titre » V » Vortex (23:45 / 1981)

Kevin Austin

  1. Grtch
  2. Horned Minued
  3. Shudder-er-er
  4. Horsie
  5. Sleeze
  6. Disco -> Heartbeat

[traduction française non disponible]

“Vortex” is the sound track for the dance production of the same name by the Montréal dancer and choreographer, Iro Tembeck. It is in a number of clear sections ranging from extensively processed voice, to analog synthesized sounds, to a disco tune, variously recorded instruments, a sleazy bar song and a synthesized heart beat. Performed at the DB Clarke Theater of Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. KA This is a stereo mix of the soundtrack that was composed for eight-track playback. KA (2008)

  • Studio: MetaMusiQuébec Son (Montréal, Québec); Concordia University AVD Studio (Montréal, Québec)

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