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Canadian Electroacoustic Community
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Œuvres » Par titre » D » Deer Barks (9:00 / 1984)

Kevin Austin

for live, tape and tape delay

[traduction française non disponible]

Chincoteague, Virginia, early January, 1984. Sika deer and white tail deer, when startled, issue a brief bark and bolt. The tape recorder was on. We heard deer barks. The sound looped, transposed and minimally processed, in live processed performance with tape delay, echoed, copied and counterpointed while constrained and encouraged by higher, lower, slower, faster, more, less, ( ˆ ˘ ‹ › + -)—symbols borrowed from other composers, notably Stockhausen. Intellectual processes far from the minds of deer. KA This is the stereo tape that was to be processed by performers -- the CECG. KA 2008

Radio PAC: Deer Barks

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