Communauté électroacoustique canadienne
Canadian Electroacoustic Community
GM-500 — 1455, boulevard De Maisonneuve Ouest, Montréal, QC, H3G 1M8, Canada
http://cec.sonus.ca - cec@sonus.ca
  • Résidence: États-Unis

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I have been composing music since 1978. I was born in 1954 in Chicago IL. I aspire to a certain music of the mind. My work has appeared on the compilations Point of Yucca (1993) (Yucca Tree Records), The Avant-Music Jazz Noise Project (1992) (Pointless Records), and Magnetic Conversations (1993) (Pointless Records). My original musical training was in piano, and I first acquired a small modular synthesizer in 1978. My musical influences include Edgard Varese, Claude Debussy, and Jean Schwarz.

[SONUS.ca, 2006]

Liste d’œuvres

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