Communauté électroacoustique canadienne
Canadian Electroacoustic Community
GM-500 — 1455, boulevard De Maisonneuve Ouest, Montréal, QC, H3G 1M8, Canada
http://cec.sonus.ca - cec@sonus.ca

The Frank Koustrup Fan Club OFFICIAL 1987 Christmas Tape is a satire of the popular music business of fan clubs, mechandise, and gimmicks. This composition takes a cue from the pastiches of the Beatles’ Christmas records. Commercial phrases such as “For Christmas gift-giving ideas”, “Just can’t wait for Christmas”, build to a shameless, hyperventiated plug for a Greatest Hits record. Fragments from shortwave radio broadcasts (for no coherent reason) then take the fore as rolling echos devolve into a looping mantra that “Rock and roll is dead”. This composition was played at the CEC Diffusion festival in Toronto, 1988. It was the shortest composition on the program, but had the longest title. Shameless.

  • Studio: Home
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