Communauté électroacoustique canadienne
Canadian Electroacoustic Community
GM-500 — 1455, boulevard De Maisonneuve Ouest, Montréal, QC, H3G 1M8, Canada
http://cec.sonus.ca - cec@sonus.ca

“Perhaps, At last, Some such hours passed” was realized on the Systems Concepts digital synthesizer at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University. The synthesizer, known as the "Samson box" was designed by Peter Samson for CCRMA. It is controlled through software developed by the composer and other researchers and composers at CCRMA. The piece employed among others, John Chowning's FM algorithm, Bill Schottstaedt's FM violin instrument and Waveshaping voice instrument, and Xavier Serra's Marimba synthesis. AW

  • Studio: CCRMA, Stanford University (Stanford, CA, USA)
  • Premiere: CCRMA, Stanford University (Stanford, CA, USA), 21-iv-1985
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