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Works » By Title » B » Bribes d'hiver (13:31 / 1984)

James Giroudon

“Everywhere a freshness makes its fingers of rain resound. But it's not quite that. It is anterior to any description, to any winter. It is far more the fragility of what remains when the seasons which have frozen us are carried away, when the icy banners, since a long time, have started to smack and flap again. Yes, as if signs of a luminous and sonorous frost's work began again to play for themselves in the heedful silence of a perception which remembers: bursts of rasping frosty designs spreading over the glass, the breath cut short by an excess of pureness in the winds, the numberless falls of what was hardly even held on the stalks, on the black build of trees. And the voices undone in torpor, slow and confused gathered only by the beating of trembling time…” —Agnès Bressy

The constituent materials of various origins in this piece combine in different forms with melodic or rhythmic facets, were obtained by digital treatment and computer mastering. In this way, five phrases and their derivations establish a course and a musical space. JG

  • Studio: Studio Grame (Lyon, France)
  • Premiere: Théâtre Romain de Fourvière, Lyon (France), 24-v-1984
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