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Works » By Title » W » Web (9:06 / 1988)

Lelio Camilleri

The structure of “Web” is articulated into three sections. The piece moves from an initial steady state to a changing one and return back to a static movement. As in a web, the musical texture of each section is organized by a different degrees of density, choice of well defined musical objects (sound colors), type of connections among them, and pitch range. TELETAU facilities allowed to operate transformations on the aforementioned musical features of a basic sound material, as to generated the material of each sections and their transition movements. The sonic landscape of the piece, in relation to its form, presents the minimum timbral variety at the beginning and the end, and the utmost in its central part. LC

  • Studio: Divisione Musicologia CNUCE/CNR, Conservatorio di musica L Cherubini (Florence, Italie)
  • Premiere: Tavaruelle val Diresa (Florence, Italie), 14-vii-1988
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