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Works » By Title » I » I am an American… My Government Will Reward You (13:59 / 1988)

Anne LeBaron

for amplified harp and digital tape, with percussion

The catalyst for the creation of “I am an American… My Government Will Reward You”, for amplified harp and digital tape, was a blood chit. Carried by flight crew members, the blood chit is a piece of cloth with the American flag in one corner; and inscription in several languages identifies its carrier as a member of the US military establishment and promises a reward for his return to US or friendly control. The digital tape material for this piece was created on a Synclavier II system with additional studio processing at the Electroacoustic Studio of Middlebury College. One of the tape segments derives from Fred MacDowell's blues rendition of “When I Lay My Burden Down”, which also forms part of LeBaron's upcoming electronic blues opera “The E&O Line”, to be presented at CSC Repertory Theater. ‘I am a citizen of the United States of America. I do not speak your language. Misfortune forces me to seek your assistance in obtaining food, shelter and protection. Please take me to someone who will provide for my safety and see that I am returned to my people. My government will reward you.’ ALB

  • Studio: Middlebury College Electroacoustic Studio (NY, USA)

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