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Works » By Title » E » Etapper (14:30 / 1988)

Cecilie Ore

“Etapper” (Stages) is based on a text selected from the novel “Kontrapunktisk” by the Norwegian writer Ole Robert Sunde. In the piece the spoken and wispered sounds from his reading of the text have been transformed, maily by the use of digital and analog filtering and echo techniques. Transitions of noise, also derived from these vocal sounds, have been used to mark the hidden transfigurations that lead the development from one stage to the next. “Etapper” was commissioned by the Norwegian Center of Writers and was realized at the Høvidden Sound Studio, outside Oslo (Norway). “Etapper” received the 2nd prize at the International Rostrum of electroacoustic music in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1988, and the 1st prize in the young composers category at the same Rostrum. CO

  • Studio: Høvikodden Sound Studio (Oslo, Norway).
  • Premiere: Festival Synthèse (Bourges, France), 08-vi-1988.
  • Awards: 2e prix de la Tribune internationale de musique électroacoustique, Stockholm (Suède), 1988; 1er prix de la Catégorie jeunes compositeurs de la Tribune internationale de musique électroacoustique, Stockholm (Suède), 1988.
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