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Canadian Electroacoustic Community
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Works » By Title » M » Minuit caché (14:30 / 1985)

Laurie Radford

for 2 percussionists, lights and tape

Fascination with the passing from day to night; the hour that marks the end of the search by light, the beginning of the search within. The tolling, 12 times, of the bell that calls us onward into the farthest reaches of which we know so little. Two people, within the confines of their own lives, their personal memories, dreams, fears and desires, each trying to reach personal memories, other… a fleeting glance into another world before they are forced to acknowledge the walls between them, the walls within themselves. Midnight, the hour when illusion can transform, can carry us far ways… haltered swiftly by the first blinding rays of morning sun… and we, hardly aware of the workings upon our soul…

  • Studio: McGill University Electronic Music Studio (Montréal, Québec)
  • Premiere: Pollack Hall, McGill University (Montréal, Québec)
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