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Canadian Electroacoustic Community
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Works » By Title » D » Devour (1987)

Andrew Czink

“Devour” is typified by a concern for synthesis complexity. This is a sonic complexity which lies within the sound itself and must be distinguished from musical complexity in the traditional sense: that of note relations and polyphony. The sound world in “Devour” is made up of many layers of similar sounds with the tuning and frequency fields changing to constantly shift the articulation of the musical space. Sounds merge, and then split apart into two or more separable streams of activity, only to merge again into a new fused sound mass. The drama of the transformations will direct our attention and the logic of the sound will carry us along. AC

  • Studio: Sonic Reasearch Studio, Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, British Columbia)
  • Premiere: Festival/conférence 2001(-14) (Montréal, Québec), v-1987
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